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Birth in one word

Birth in one word

What do the mothers who now hold their children in arms, about birth

I posted on our Facebook page a simple question out of curiosity to find out what moms think about birth and how it could be described in one word. As we expect, for such an uplifting experience, not a single word is enough and many of the mothers could not help telling us in a few words what the birth experience meant for them.

"Wonder" and "miracle" seem to be the terms that best define, for many mothers, the birth experience.

I invite you to read below the answers given by our moms in our Facebook community.

Marvel! - Ali, Andreea, Ioana, Nicoleta, Florentina, Raluca, Alina, Ralu, Nikki, Adriana

A miracle, something you forget very quickly when you see your child - Mirela

Miracle! - Madalina, Raluca, Luminita, Iulia, Monica, Lari, Andreea

Miracle :) and this word is not enough;) a wonderful experience - Mihaela

Miracle, the pain looks when you see the miracle that came out! - Mihaela

Incomparable - Indianca

Something unique - Galina

Indescribable in words, an amalgam of living from agony to ecstasy, all stages - Ionela

Special - Daniela

Fulfillment :) - Maria

It cannot be described, only those who have lived such an experience know how it is ... - Isabelle

Merit! - Gaby

It's a feeling that can't be explained in words ... you just have to feel it on your skin ... whoever went through it knows very well what I'm saying :) Unfortunately, men don't know what it is ... maybe they don't understand us too; ) - Well

Uncommon - Gina

Viata - Ovidia

The word that describes perfectly, in my vision is: Life! - Claudia

A pleasant pain I think !!! I am still preparing psychically for the birth, because I do not have much more and I must go through this miracle ...: d - Loredana

I don't think there is anything more beautiful in the world than giving life to a soul and about pain ... they all look in a second :) when you see a little manulet there looking at you, who's thinking about pain? ? - Joan

Lots of emotions, a lot of fear, pain, joy ... but when I first held my daughter in my arms, I had the impression that I had a golden baptism, a great fortune that at any price in the world even with the price of my life give it back - Loredana

Realization - Elena

Pain and then happiness - Elena

A unique moment in the life of every woman, in which you go through many physical, mental and soul experiences! For me personally it meant rebirth and joy lived to the highest levels! You can't describe it, the words are too small to say what it means ... - Andreea

Giving life to a child is something that cannot be described in words, the feelings I have had cannot give them a name. They are unique, but also during pregnancy, when you feel like moving, it becomes more active, more powerful ... breastfeeding is also special, when a very strong bond is created between mother and child ... all these are feelings that only a mother he can feel them! - Oana

Renaissance! - LaLa

Stress, pain and unlimited happiness :) - Dana

I don't think I can ever describe what I lived to see my wonder, but I would do it at least once more ... it was little of everything, impatience, it was also pain, but it happened at the first smile of my finger, how come, the bad to wash, the good to gather! :) - Ana

Indescribable. The vocabulary is too poor to describe what you feel when you give birth naturally. - Lygia

Divine! It's something unique ... You create a life you love! - Ana Maria

Elevator - Madalina

Natural - Cristina

Transcendental - Alexandra

Unique, wonderful and easy !!! - Simona

There are no words in this world - Andreea

Love - Ionela

Painful (in small part) and beautiful (as a whole). - Maria

Agony and ecstasy - Amelia

Happiness - Cristina

Something unforgettable. - Ramona

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