Tricks for traveling with twins or more children

Tricks for traveling with twins or more children

Tricks for traveling with multiple children consist of organization, planning and skill. Besides the fact that you have to make lists and listings with everything you need in your luggage, make sure you take the holiday and "pleasant" with humor, play and good disposition.
Plan ahead and get organized early
Think about leaving a few weeks before and start listing everything you need to do, without getting too stressed. Check exactly what is offered in the holiday or travel package you bought to know if you still need to be interested in tickets for any means of transport, to book hotel rooms or other travel facilities.
Then, put on the list just about everything for the baggage of all members. This way you will also find out what needs to be bought or what the children need for traveling.
Book early flights and accommodation for you and children
Air travel is the one that will give you the most headaches when traveling with more children. Airlines have many rules for traveling with babies or children and you have to make sure you respect them all.
Book your seats in advance. Some companies have restrictions on placing more children in the same row or traveling with more babies that you have to hold in your arms.
Always choose places as close to the wall as possible. Some companies have special baskets or carts for twins or more children. These should be booked ahead of time to make sure they are not taken before you.
It is important to buy tickets for each child separately. Sometimes it is more expensive that way, but definitely much more secure. Look carefully at the offers because some airlines offer great discounts for a second child or for groups.
Call for free online check-in services. This practical service that helps you save unnecessary time spent on the seats and waiting rooms of the airport.
If your vacation or travel package does not include accommodation, then make hotel arrangements early. Make sure you have a reserved means of transportation to get from the airport to the hotel. You do not want to stay haunted by the airport or bathe after a route with so many children after you.

Take a travel partner (if you're a single mom)
Another pair of hands to help you with childcare on vacation is welcome. If you have a partner, then you will not have this problem. But if you are a single mom, then convince a friend or relative to go with you. This way, you will also have some moments to breathe and you will enjoy the holiday more.

What should you not forget about children's travel luggage?

  • holiday medical kit (this should also be taken if any of the children are under treatment and if not, because it is never known what may happen);
  • children's favorite toys (or comfort items, if they are babies or very small);
  • diapers, baby bottles, milk powder, socks, tea for colic, thin clothes, but also thick, care products, etc .;
  • snacks and water for the road.

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