BookLand, the caravan of books in Bucharest and in the country

BookLand, the caravan of books in Bucharest and in the country

After the first edition of the urban book fair that took place before Easter at AFI Palace Cotroceni in Bucharest, the organizer of the event, More than Pub, decided to develop the concept, extending it in the country. Thus, through 9 cities a new caravan of books will pass.

In period August 15 - October 16, 2011, BookLand starts on the road, stopping first in Constanta, then stopping in Braila, Iasi, Cluj-Napoca, Alba Iulia, Arad, Timisoara, Sibiu and finally in Brasov. Basically, year by year BookLand will interact with book lovers for 10 weeks: 1 in Bucharest and 9 in the country.

"Any product, in order to be sold, must be within the reach of the buyer. BookLand does this - it brings the book in the middle of the people. The people of Bucharest are spoiled with daily events. I, as a provincial man - as the people of Bucharest say, consider the inhabitants of other countries. Big cities will be more than happy to meet the book in the spaces they already love. Reason why we apply the same formula and in the caravan BookLand - the fair will be hosted by 9 large malls, "says Mihaela Petrovan, the founder of the fair of urban BookLand.

BookLand doesn't get rid of the innovative formula and guess where it takes place? Also in the malls, of course. Iulius Mall group will host BookLand in 3 cities: Iasi, Timisoara and Cluj Napoca, in Constanta the partner is City Park, in Sibiu - Shopping City, in Brasov - Unirea Shopping Center, in Alba Iulia - Alba Mall, in Arad - Atrium Mall and in Braila - Promenada Mall.

A team of over 550 employees will coordinate and implement all the logistical details, book sales, s.a.m.d. It is the first book fair with integrated services offered to publishers - caravan route, furniture, transport and merchandising book, sales team, media promotion. In addition it does not charge participation fees, but retains commission from sales. No wonder that in the first 3 days after the launch of the offer, 25 publishers have already registered.

BookLand intends to sell the books of 50 publishers and already announces 'fight' on the remaining places. Because if in Bucharest were sold books worth 100,000 euros, in the country the sales can reach double the amount.

With a format anchored in everyday reality, BookLand comes where people are already, regardless of whether they are hardcore readers, casual shoppers, 'book collectors' or simply interesting people to make a smart gift to their loved ones. In a maximum of 2 months, the virtual bookstore will be launched, another extension of the BookLand brand.

From 2012 the Ministry of Culture will financially support this cultural project, which brings concrete benefits to the book market.

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