Rita Muresan about Campania 1 package = 1 vaccine

Rita Muresan about Campania 1 package = 1 vaccine

1. You joined the third edition of the campaign "1 pack = 1 vaccine" dedicated to the fight against neonatal tetanus. What can you tell us about this campaign?

This campaign aims to provide a chance for life for both children and their mothers. With such a simple gesture (1 pack Pampers = 1 vaccine) and YOU can make the difference.

2. What is your role and how do you think it will influence the help you give?

First of all I'm my mother and that's why I joined this campaign. My role would be to convince as many moms as possible to join this campaign. This does not mean that fathers, grandparents, brothers or sisters do not play an important role in this campaign. I hope my involvement will be beneficial.

3. The "1 pack = 1 vaccine" campaign also has a local cause. What do you think about this combination?

The Romanian parents supported the motherhood in their city, entering on the Facebook page "The World of the Moms", participating in the Pampers mosaic and voting on their favorite city. In this way, the first donation from the campaign "1 package = 1 vaccine" went to the hospitals Cantacuzino, Philanthropy and Pantelimon in Bucharest and to the Clinical Hospital "Dumitru Popescu" and to the County Clinical Hospital no. 1. From Timisoara. The next two donations will reach Brasov and Iasi in the coming weeks.

4. Your girls are already full rulers. How does the mother-child relationship turn at this age?

I like to think I have a friendship with my girls. I am lucky because I was blessed with two special children.

5. Is there a particular moment in your mother's life, a period that has remained so well imprinted in your mind that you could draw it?

Birth of my little girls.

6. What do you think is the "tool" without which a mother cannot survive? (may be material or spiritual)

Love and patience.

7. It is the beginning of the year. What is the top of the 3 things you have proposed for 2011?

1. Opening of a personal development school for children, adolescents and young people. (Where they will learn modeling, design, makeup, nutrition, etc.);

2.Organizing the second edition of "Miss Teenager Romania 2011";

3. To go to the concerts Roxette and Bon Jovi.