400 thousand euros for children with lymphatic cancer

400 thousand euros for children with lymphatic cancer

The Save Life Association has raised over 400,000 euros for children suffering from lymphatic cancer.

The first part of the campaign was addressed to companies in Romania. Starting with January 2011, the association starts the second part of the campaign, aimed at individuals. The final objective is the amount of 1 million euros.

In December 2010, the Save Life Association obtained donations worth over 400,000 euros following the campaign dedicated to the establishment of the first Center of Excellence in the diagnosis and treatment of lymphatic cancer in Romania, at the Clinic of Oncopediatrics Louis Turcanu in Timisoara. Most of the amount resulted from the redirection by companies of 20% of the profit tax for 2010, about 300 companies, most SMEs, and 80 individuals contributing to the fundraising.

Between January 15 and March 31, 2011, the second part of the campaign will be carried out, with the support of the Vodafone Romania Foundation, by which any person can donate 2 euros by SMS, to the number 858, free of charge in any mobile telephone network (no charge is made) VAT).

20% of the tax on your company's profit, a children's help

"Through this campaign we have revealed a tax code facility that small and medium-sized businesses did not know. For the business environment, information about 20% is a kind of E112 for sick people. This facility has shown that it can save lives. we were very pleased to see so many responsible business people who chose to redirect money to a concrete project instead of sending them to the black hole of the state. We promise to all those who helped raise funds that they will see how much as soon as possible the results of their contribution. Thanks to them we are almost halfway, we will reach the target of 1 million euros more easily and thus we will be able to fulfill the promise to the cancer patients, who are waiting for us an extra chance at life " , said Carmen Uscatu, President Save Lives.

"Besides the amount collected, I think we have registered a success - I drew attention to the possibility of redirecting 20% ​​of the corporate income tax, a feature very little known by the Romanian companies, but with huge potential, which I also proved. by raising this impressive amount in just one month, we will continue to promote this facility, until it becomes a natural practice for any company, especially since the redirection can be done anytime during the year. According to tax experts, there are in Romania 400 millions of euros that could be used in projects carried out by NGOs. Companies have virtually the possibility of donating thousands of euros, without any effort and I am sure there is only information needed for a visible change of attitude, "Oana Gheorghiu, Vice President of Save Life, added.

The success rate in the treatment of blood cancers in children and adolescents is below 50% in Romania, compared to over 80% in the EU. The cause of this situation is the lack or precariousness of the means of in-depth diagnosis of the types of cancer, investigations essential to establish the right treatment. In addition to the diagnosis, the existence of sterile chambers in the treatment stage is vital, in which patients must be isolated when immunity drops dramatically following chemotherapy. The existence of such a room means, on average, 30 children saved each year.

Clinic of Oncopediatrics in Timisoara was built and equipped almost entirely by the efforts of the team of Prof. Dr. Margit Serban, who, in 2002, performed for the first time in Romania the stem cell transplant from a related donor for a leukemia patient. Dr. Serban managed to convince the humanitarian associations in Germany and Austria to support this hospital, and the investments of foreign humanitarian associations have so far totaled over 4,000,000 euros. The hospital is still supported from abroad, and the doctors here manage to treat more than 350 children and adolescents every year, in conditions above the average level of hospitals in Romania.