The fairy tales of the Romans, volume VII

The fairy tales of the Romans, volume VII

Once upon a time ... as if there were no stories, there would be a fairy tale world with heroes and heroes, brooms and Beautiful Girls. The National Journal brings to you Friday, November 26, the seventh volume of the collection "Basmele romilor" - an immortal collection for your family's library! 10 volumes with all the stories told and unrelated!

Come to the world of fairy tales with "Pepelea", "Girl face and the captain without nose" and many other fantastic characters.

Volume VII of the collection "Basmele romilor" is signed by a collector less known to the general public, I. G. Sbiera. Originally from the village of Bucovina Horodnicul de Jos, Sbiera was a folklorist scholar, literary historian and member of the Romanian Academy.

With a lot of passion and perseverance, Sbiera has made the careful recording of foclori texts (fairy tales, folk songs, carols, wedding orations, cimilimonies) a constant concern throughout his life.

The stories contained in this volume prove to be an extraordinary inventiveness and a delightful pleasure in telling stories that have not been mentioned before. Among the fairy heroes you will love on the date are the Pepelea Sufferer, always put on spouses and Nazdravans, the brave Sucna-Murga, the charming Flower Voinicul, the clever girl that nobody came in to talk about, the good girl of the pope and the captain. without a nose or a nice gypsy who, seeing a service of remembrance in a church is filled with the desire to become a saint.

You will find out how it is possible for a mare to be "three days long", what misfortunes happen to a kingdom in which the sovereign decides to get rid of old people ("Babes and gnats escaped from slaughter"), as suffering a baba who He wants to marry a young flacau ("Baba bride"), in what way an argat manages to restore peace in the house of his master ("Hargatul nazdravan") or how good is the judgment ("The man with three minds") ).

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