Baby car seat. How do I install and use it?

Baby car seat. How do I install and use it?

The baby seat is a measure for the safety of your child, but also one required by law. Besides the type of car seat you choose, you need to know how to install and use it correctly, in order not to have any unpleasant surprises.

There are all kinds of convertible, upright chairs, but also all kinds of laws related to this aspect, which at one point may mislead you.

Why is a baby car seat needed?

First, because it is required by law, which requires that, up to the age of 12, children are not allowed on the right seat of the driver, even if they wear a belt, and children up to 3 years need approved restraint support. .

If the child is not placed in a car seat or lift, according to the law the fine is imposed as well as in case of non-observance of the obligation of the passengers to wear the seat belt.

Besides this aspect, the car seat is an investment for the safety of your child. Often parents forget to use it regularly. To avoid, for example, moving the car seat from one car to another when there are two cars in the family, install one seat in each of them. The safety of your child is more important than the investment itself.

How do I choose the most suitable car seat?

Theoretically, baby car seats on the market meet the safety standards provided by law, so any model is good. This fact does not apply to those that are used, because they may no longer meet the legal standards or have suffered accidents.

Even if the seat is one that conforms to the laws, an incorrect installation of it can still endanger the safety of the child. Until the baby reaches 12 months and 9 kilograms, the seat should be positioned opposite the direction of travel. Specialists say that positioning towards the direction of walking can hurt the baby's spine in the event of a frontal collision and that the more positioning the opposite of the direction of walking, the more exposed the child to a lower risk.

You must also consider whether your baby's car seat is appropriate for the weight of the baby. You can use it until your child exceeds the height or weight limit specific to the car seat, after which you can move to car elevators, which are located with protective harnesses.

Car lifts help the child, in case of an accident, to be safe by wearing a suitable belt. If an adult belt is used for the child, it can injure the organs in the chest instead of protecting them.

How do I properly install car protection for my child?

Experts say that over 90% of the car devices for transporting children are not installed correctly. Make sure the installation is correct:

- Make sure the car seat is positioned correctly. The safest position is in the center of the back couch, away from side impacts. If you have two children, then try to place one on the right side and one in the center of the back couch. Use a breakup if the little ones get stuck because of the proximity, because otherwise you will be distracted from driving.

- Match it correctly. Read carefully the manual for the installation and use of the car seat, to be as anchored as possible. Press the car seat well so that it fits properly over the shape of the rear seat.

- Put on the belt correctly. Child safety experts say that the most common mistake parents make when it comes to the car seat is that it leaves its harnesses and belts too wide. You must also make sure that the harnesses or straps are not twisted or placed incorrectly (the correct position is at the level of the subsets).

It is important to fit the car seat correctly on the rear seat so that it is perfectly secured to the seat and back. Use your arms and even a knee to push the car seat into the couch, in order to get the air underneath. Tighten the straps to the maximum so that they do not allow the car seat to move, and check them when you are done to make sure everything is okay.

To test whether you have installed the baby car seat correctly, pull the top of the seat toward the windshield and toward each of the side doors of the seat. If it moves more than 2-3 cm in either direction, undo all the belts and follow the installation steps again, until the seat is perfectly fixed.

If you find that any of the fasteners are missing, contact the manufacturer or shop from which you purchased the chair. If you cannot mount it yourself or someone close, you can ask the help of someone who has taken steps to install a car seat for the child so far.

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