The story of Edi's birth

The story of Edi's birth

Mamica Gabitzza

Baby Eduard Alexandru, born by Caesarean section

It was a beautiful May day, even the third day of Easter when I decided to do a pregnancy test although the chances were quite small, but it seems that "the rabbit" still had a nice gift for us: the pregnancy test with 2 line.
Then I went to check to confirm my pregnancy and find out what we have to do from now on. The control brought the good news of the pregnancy confirmation but it is bad news: due to the fact that I am such a minion there are chances to either lose the pregnancy or give birth prematurely.

First quarter emotions
I started taking folic acid, I did my tests for the first trimester of pregnancy and I waited with my heart to go through the first 3 months. With the morning sickness I didn't have much of a fork until a little while until I realized that my grumpy one would not let me eat in the morning than cereals with milk and nothing else.

The first quarter passed to our joy and thus the risk of losing the pregnancy almost disappeared. At 16 weeks I did the analyzes for the second quarter, but also the triple test (for our peace of mind). Everything was as it could not be better.
At 19 weeks I felt the first clear hits of his baby and it was a unique, incomparable, absolutely wonderful feeling. It was like I had butterflies in my stomach. But with the first strokes, premature contractions also appeared and I started taking medicines to stop the contractions.

And boy!
At 24 weeks, the long awaited moment has come, the fetal morphology, which is as important from the medical point of view, is as important for the future parents as, with a little luck, the sex of the child can be found. The ultrasound showed us clearly, as the doctor said "he is a boy ... without a doubt."
The time passed quickly and soon I was entering the last trimester of pregnancy. The "boy" felt his presence more and more and hit with great power. The funniest moments were those in which my tummy and tummy moved rhythmically for 5 minutes.
At 34 weeks I started having menstrual pain, then back pain and so I decided to go for a check. In control the news was not good. I had regular contractions, and my neck was cleared. I was given injections with Scobutil and No-Spa to stop contractions and injections with Dexamethasone to mature his baby's lungs.
Because the contractions did not stop, that night I was admitted and taken directly to the birth room with regular contractions every 3 minutes. The midwife there clearly told me that I was going to give birth tonight.
As much as I wanted to meet the baby, it was far too early. With good luck, the contracts ceased, but the news was not very good. The ultrasound showed that the baby had descended and was preparing to give birth, the cervix was shortened, and the placenta was 3rd grade.
I was discharged and I had injections with Scobutil and No-Spa for a week, then I took Gynipral, 4 pills a day, all to determine the baby to stay for a few weeks in the "studio".
On the last hundred meters
The last 4 weeks of pregnancy were very heavy, I was bedridden, I was in pain and the griefs that I should have had in the first trimester have now appeared.
But the day came when I would meet with babies, the day set for Caesarean, December 22, the day I turned 24, the day I was to receive the most beautiful gift possible.
I must admit that I was extremely scared. I was born with caesarean section with spinal anesthesia, so after the anesthesiologist told me that his head was coming out, I heard the baby screaming loud, loud and all the fear turned into an incredible emotion.
Thus, on December 22, 2008, at 10:32 am, our miracle, Eduard Alexandru, of 2700g and 46 cm came to the world.
The next day they brought me to the salon and I was able to meet my baby chick as well. When they put it in my arms it was again an amazingly beautiful moment. I couldn't believe that I was a mom and especially that I had such a miracle.
In a few days Edi will fill an anisle, an anisle since we enjoy and teach our daily life!
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