Chronological age of pregnancy

Chronological age of pregnancy


- After performing a pregnancy test with a positive result, I went to the gynecologist who did a vaginal echo and told me that the age of pregnancy is 3, almost 4 weeks (after its placement) from conception. According to my calculations, the pregnancy would have taken only 12 days from conception. For another week I went again to this one and he made me echo again, this time abdominal and he told me that the pregnancy is 5 weeks from conception, again after my calculations he would only have 19 days. Please let me know if the doctor may have been wrong about the age of the pregnancy or I was wrong about the date of conception.


First of all I want to tell you that it is difficult to appreciate the existence of a pregnancy, despite its age, until its evolution of 4 to 5 weeks.
Secondly, in the classic way, the older books describe a gestational age, the age appreciated from the moment of conception; and a chronological age of pregnancy estimated from the time of the first day of the last menstruation.
Taking into account the above, the variations may have been recorded due to the first ultrasound performed a little early, and secondly, not being informed about these two ways to calculate the age of pregnancy, may have been confusing. between them.
If we add to all this the variation that the device can record and which can go up to two weeks, then I would conclude that for the moment there are no worries.

My personal opinion would be to take into account the latest ultrasound and to follow the further development in the dynamics of the fetus.
If there are suspicions regarding the proper development of the fetus, the value of beta-HCG, a pregnancy hormone secreted mainly by trophoblast (the future placenta), can also be tracked dynamically.
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