Correction of diopters in children

Correction of diopters in children


- My little girl has diopters of +10 on the left eye and +7.5 on the right. I was reading that the operation of correction of the diopters is only done at the age of 18 years, I was recommended to do it in the summer is indicated? Now we use glasses with +4 and +5.5 lenses.


The diopter correction operation is aimed especially at people over 18 years of age, because by this age the diopters can still evolve, which makes intervention at younger ages inefficient.
You failed to specify the age of your little girl. If it is smaller, the most prudent would be to wait until at least 16-18 years old, to be sure that the evolution of the hyperopia has stopped.
But it is good to know that this intervention also has some contraindications (both related to local ocular aspects and general diseases of the body).
Therefore for more accurate and specific information in this case, it is best to consult with a specialist ophthalmologist.
Alina Pop-Began
- Resident doctor - Anesthesia and Intensive Care-

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