Pilaf with meat and vegetables

Pilaf with meat and vegetables

If you want to prepare a hearty and healthy meal for your family, I recommend a delicious meat and vegetable pilaf, which will delight both your little ones and the most pretentious guests.

Preparation time

45 min




1 chicken breast

150 g of rice

1 suitable onion

1 carrot

1 red pepper

1 piece celery root

1 parsley bond

salt and pepper

Method of preparation

Wash the chicken breast well, cut it into small pieces and heat it slightly in hot oil. Cut the onion and give the chili peppers and celery root on the grill and place them on the meat for a while.

Wash the rice, drain it well, and add it over the vegetables, let it simmer a little, pour the water over them and let them boil until the rice is well puffed.

Add salt and pepper and place the rice a little in the oven, until browned on top.

At the end, sprinkle over the minced parsley rice and serve it hot.

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