Movies in November at Minimax

Movies in November at Minimax

Movies in November at Minimax

Knight Mike

From November 10, daily from 7:20 am
Mike is a rising knight, energetic, young and generous, who wants at any cost to help those around him. Thus, he has all the attributes to become the best knight. The Queen entrusts her with the noble mission as she and her father help her defend the Glendragon Kingdom, in the absence of the King

My little pony: Friendship is magical

From November 3, every weekend from 11:00
My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic is an animated series whose protagonists are a unicorn pony, named Twilight Sparkle and her mentor, Princess Celestia. This will teach Twilight the mysteries of friendship in Ponyville. Twilight will be friends with five other ponies: Applejack, Rarity, Fluttershy, Rainbow Dash and Pinkie Pie. Each of them has their own personality and together they complement each other perfectly. The ponies will help the residents of Poneyville, while facing their own problems.


From November 21, daily from 7:00
Conni's entire life is a great adventure waiting to be discovered. What kind of girl is Conni? she likes to tie her blond hair with a red bow, and the white-striped T-shirt is her favorite. He loves animals, especially kittens and ponies. Conni's stories show us that life at kindergarten age can be a very interesting one. Even the ordinary days are full of new things!

Mimi's adventures

From November 2, daily from 18:20
The main protagonist of the newest series for the whole family is Mimi, an 11-year-old girl, determined to change the world. She enthusiastically began to put into practice her brilliant but often very complex ideas. The girl's family and friends are with her in efforts to find new solutions to solve various cases. What will be Mimi's next adventure? Join us for an unforgettable trip and you can find out!

Angelina Balerina

From November 19, daily from 7:45 am

The main character of the series is a cute little mouse who dreams of becoming a famous ballerina and does everything to reach her goal. Although she makes many mistakes, Angelina learns from them and with each occasion she shows more wisdom.

Me and Mia

From November 19, daily 7:30 pm
The story that begins as a fairy tale with fairies, becomes a reality for Mia. She must find the power to save the unicorn species and not lastly the whole world. Mia started to document Centopia realm from an old book about myths, and now with the help of her father's portal, she is walking in this wonderful world populated by elves, unicorns and kite.

Firefighter Sam

From November 23, daily from 07:35
Firefighter Sam spends every day saving his friends and colleagues from all kinds of dangerous situations. He lives in a beautiful Welsh village, where he is the basic pillar of the community and the saving hero. Whether someone is stuck on a high rock or locked in a cave, the children and residents of Pontypandy know that there is always someone who can help them, and this is because of the brave, calm and resourceful Sam Fireman.

Oscar's oasis

From November 26, daily from 17:30
When a lonely diner lives in a ruthless place, her life can become a very difficult one. It seems to him that everyone has turned against him. Oscar soprano is very often part of such experiences. Sometimes she feels much better alone in the desert, than in the company of the surrounding lives. Chicks attack her brutally every time they pass by her and unprepared mice don't seem to be willing to help her. Where you put that and the group of bloody Popy, Buck and Harch - I make life bitter. Every time Oscar gets something, the three take control of his things and wherever he goes, he fails to get rid of them. It is difficult to lead such a life, especially when even water can be found with great difficulty. but Oscar doesn't give up that easily. He always sees the full part of the glass, even if in the desert it happens to be full of ... sand. Get ready for a hectic, action-packed adventure, cacti and dusty roads at the edge of the rocks; a charming adventure with great characters!

Little giant

From November 26, daily from 17:40
Emily is always treated like a baby. When her parents decide to send her alone for the summer vacation, Emily is more than happy. She rushes to pack her things in a panda backpack, which Kinoobi named. But this little girl will have a big surprise: she will arrive in a enchanted valley, where the stones move, the algae shine in the dark and where Knoobi comes to life and begins to speak. The strangest thing here will be Emily's size: she is now three feet tall. In this wonderful place, he will meet Elmer, a boy with whom he befriends even though he is half her height. During the summer vacation, Emily will explore all the wonders of this enchanted valley, full of sacred turtles, unique birds and giant crabs.

Barbie in "The 12 Ballerina Princesses"

From November 24, at the weekend from 8:00
It was once a castle where music always played. In this castle lived not one, but twelve princesses together with their father, the King. From the lowest to the highest of them all practiced the dance. but the best dancer was the seventh princess, Barbie.

Barbie Fairytopia in the Magic of the Rainbow

From November 11, at the weekend from 8:00
After rescuing Fairytopia for the second time, Elina became a little confident about her powers. Azura visits her and invites her to the Crystal Palace to prepare her as a student fairy so she can participate in the Spring Flight, creating the first rainbow of the season. In the Crystal Palace she meets the other disciples fairies, eager to do the same thing.
But things are not going well; Elina falls into a trap when she utters a magic formula on a seemingly innocent frog. The magic formula breaks a spell and the frog that is Laverna itself regains its powers. She sleeps the swarms around trying to implement her evil plan. The fairy tales must join forces to prevent Laverna from sinking Fairytopia into a harsh winter for the next ten years. Will they be strong enough to defeat Laverna and bring the first rainbow to life?

Barbie at the school of princesses

From November 11, at the weekend from 8:00
This time, Barbie shines in the role of Blair Willows, a teenager admitted to the school of Princesses. This institution is a school where company dances, tea serving rules and behavioral rules addressed to princesses are taught. Blair goes to school with pleasure, during which time she befriends the little fairy and her new friends, Princess Hadley and Delancy. When the gift from the royal house, Dame Devin, discovers the astonishing resemblance between Blair and the missing princess, he uses all the cunning to prevent Blair ascending the throne. The mission of the girl and her friends is to make the Magical Crown known and to reveal Blair's true identity in this adventure with unforgettable princesses.

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