Dark chocolate (fasting) - Raw vegan

Dark chocolate (fasting) - Raw vegan

What can be better than a homemade chocolate? And if you opt for our version you have a dark chocolate, without sugar - the ideal sweet!


100 g sweetener Green Sugar
100 g cocoa butter
50 g palm oil (melted)
170 g cocoa
20 g almonds (nuts, nuts or dried fruit)

Nutrition Facts (100g)

376kcal / 1573 Kj Energy value
8.53 g Protein
0.85 g Total sugars
41.63 g Total lipid
22.1056 g Total saturated fatty acids
15.4992 g Total monounsaturated fatty acids
2.6618 g Total polyunsaturated fatty acids
13.38 g Fiber
0.00815 g Sodium

Method of preparation

In a bowl of bain-marie put the cocoa butter melted.

Transfer the coconut butter to a bowl, add the palm oil, the sweetener powder and cocoa and mix with a drizzle. Finally add the chopped almonds / hazelnuts / walnuts.

Pour the composition into silicone shapes and place in the refrigerator for 30 minutes - 1 hour.


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