Healthcare takes root in the Garden with remedies, a Secom brand project

Healthcare takes root in the Garden with remedies, a Secom brand project

Secom® launches GARDEN WITH REMEDIES, the most important corporate responsibility initiative of the company, realized in a long-term partnership with the Bucharest Botanical Garden.

The project consists in the complete arrangement of the medicinal and useful plants sector of the Botanical Garden, the first stage of the arrangement ending at the beginning of September;

The main purpose of the project is to support the long-term sector of medicinal and useful plants within the Botanical Garden, to improve the plant collection and to increase the degree of information regarding the role of plants for health.

Secom® inaugurated today the Garden with remedies, the most important CSR initiative of the company, within an event organized in the Botanical Garden "Dimitrie Brandza" in Bucharest. concluded through a long-term partnership with the Botanical Garden, the project "Garden with remedies" consists in the complete arrangement of the medicinal and useful plants sector of the Botanical Garden and the improvement of the species collection. Through this initiative, the company is committed to helping to increase the degree of information on the role of plants for health, by arranging a space with dozens of medicinal plant species, open to the general public, students and students.

The first stage of the project included cleaning works of the green maze, consisting of Buxus Sinensis, which delimits the areas with plants, as well as a series of works for cleaning and arranging the space. The land was covered with an anti-weed membrane and subsequently decorated with a mulch layer, meant to provide additional protection against harmful plants and to help maintain moisture. In addition, all plants in the "Garden with remedies" have been labeled, so that visitors can more easily identify the species and therapeutic area for which each plant is beneficial. in total, this year a percentage of about 60% of the total area of ​​1800 square meters of the sector called "Garden with remedies" was arranged.

In the next development phase, planned to start in spring 2017, Secom ® will continue to support the works for the rest of the surface and will provide necessary support for expanding the collection with new species of medicinal plants.

"Nature has always provided us with great resources for health, as proof that medicinal plants are being used successfully today. The idea of ​​this project was born from the desire to facilitate the public access to the wealth of health resources offered by our plants. We want "Garden with remedies" to become an educational resource for students from the Faculties of Medicine and Pharmacy, as well as for children or Bucharest interested in phytotherapy. The commitment we have made to the Bucharest Botanical Garden is a long-term one and we will offer all our support for a valuable project, which will contribute to a better understanding of the role of nature in our life, "Lucia said Costea, managing partner Secom ®.

The sector of medicinal and useful plants has existed since 1886, since the Botanical Garden in Bucharest was arranged in the area of ​​Cotroceni road. Its design, in the form of a maze, is as old as the sector itself. at present, over 300 species of species are planted in this sector (medicinal plants and useful plants), all grouped into 26 segments, depending on the therapeutic area or area in which they can be used, for example: plants for cardiovascular system disorders , plants for metabolism and nutrition, plants for immunity or plants used in the cosmetic industry.

"In the case of the sector with medicinal and useful plants we are looking for solutions for the revitalization of the area. Therefore, we were pleased to receive the partnership proposal from Secom ® for the redevelopment of the entire sector. Shortly after the start of the collaboration, miracles happened: the mobilization was extraordinary, works were carried out that, without support, we would not have been able to do on our own. Such partnerships are vital to the longevity of the Botanical Garden, but let us not forget that it is up to us all to preserve its beauty in time. "Said Paulina Anastasiu, director of the Botanical Garden in Bucharest.

Tatiana Onisei, Head of Service at the National Research and Development Institute for Food Bioresources (IBA Bucharest), who debated on the consumption habits of Romanians in the field of medicinal plants and products, participated in the launch event of "Garden with remedies" derived from them.

"The concept of integrative medicine promoted by Secom® is a very beneficial one for educating the population - people need to be aware of the importance of consulting a specialist when consuming medicinal plants and derived products. I appreciate the initiative of the company to launch a project such as" Garden with remedies ", it is very important to understand how important education is in the management of our own health, "said Tatiana Onisei.

Starting Thursday, September 8, "Garden with remedies" it will be open to the general public and will be visited by all those who are curious to discover the plants that play an important role in our daily health and life.