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Pampers donations to maternity hospitals in Romania continue in 2012

Pampers donations to maternity hospitals in Romania continue in 2012

A number of 10 maternities in Romania benefit this year with new furniture, donated by Pampers to the neonatology sections

The neonatology section of the Gheorghe Polizu Maternity University in Bucharest now has new furniture for the newborns, the neonatal cots and the tables for the unborn child being already available to their mothers and children.

Polizu maternity is one of the 10 maternities that received at the end of June from the P&G company furniture items for the neonatology sections. More than 140 cribs and wrapping tables have been donated through the Pampers brand, which focuses its efforts on improving the lives of children since their arrival on the world.

Developed for over a decade, the Pampers maternity support program in Romania is aimed primarily at the care of newborns, for whom Pampers constantly donates furniture items, which will allow the baby to stay with her mother from the first moment of life. and to benefit from all the benefits of breastfeeding and maternal warmth.

"Pampers has made many donations over time for maternity hospitals in Romania, Polizu being just one of many who benefit from this help. The company has been with the newborns since the beginning, and this constant support has facilitated the creation of a climate. healthy and elegant, which allowed, through the rooming-in system, the breastfeeding of the little one since his arrival on the world ", says Mrs. Prof. Dr. Stoicescu, Head of the New-Born Section within the" Gheorghe Polizu "Clinical Hospital. "In time, Pampers offered maternity cribs, wrapping tables, special breastfeeding chairs, all with a special design, adapted to hospital standards, and it is very important that the mother and child benefit from all the necessary comfort even from the first moments spent together", adds Prof. Dr. Stoicescu.

As a supporter of the Pampers initiatives of the last years and as a parent of two children born in maternities in Romania, Wilmark also joined this project, strongly advocating for the development of the rooming-in system, whereby the little one, being still from the first moments of life with his mother, can easily adapt to the external environment. "I support the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčencouraging mothers to spend as much time with their children. When you give love from the first moments, the results of this love are reflected in the development and behavior of your children. In my opinion, Pampers does not just donate furniture through His campaign, in fact, does much more than that - it offers moments of happiness, which will be reflected later, over the years, in what will become your child, "says Willmark.

Maternities benefiting from Pampers donations in June:

Ilfov County Clinical Hospital (Titan)

Bucharest Clinical Hospital

Gheorghe Polizu Hospital

Slatina County Hospital

County Clinical Hospital no. 1 Craiova

Municipal Clinical Hospital Philanthropy Craiova

Municipal Hospital Dr. Al. Simionescu Hunedoara

Deva County Hospital

Ploiesti County Emergency Hospital

Targoviste County Emergency Hospital